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Hand Cream 72h Hydration & Rejuvenation

  • Easily absorbed and non-greasy, hands look and feel like velvet for up to 72 hours. Hand and Nail Treatment Cream by Dr Gabriela. Professional, rich treatment forms an invisible protective “glove” that shields hands from the harmful factors. Fights fine lines and wrinkles.


    Hands can often unwillingly reveal your true age, or perhaps even appear older as we don’t always include them in our anti-ageing routine. The Hydration & Rejuvenation Hand Cream boasts 72-hour hydrationwith its molecular water technology delivering hydration deeper than just the surface. The cream is easily absorbed, allowing you to swiftly carry on with your day as it shieldsyour hands fromharmful external factors. In fact, 100%of consumers reported a reduction in wrinkles and 75% of consumers reported softer skinand stronger nails.

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